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Purveyor: Price: $99.99 Designation: Device for watching web- based programming on your HDTV Review by Tom Benford Amazon Fire TV is a tiny box you connect to your HDTV. It's the easiest way to enjoy Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, low- cost movie rentals, and much more. In competition with Ligitech’s Review, and Google’s Chromecast, Amazon’s Fire TV offers a lot of unique features the others don’t. Among the most notable are: It arrives pre-registered so you can start watching immediately out of the bot; there’s no lengthy set-up. It has voice search that actually works. You simple say the name of a movie, TV show, actor, director or genre and start watching it in seconds. Instant access to Netflix, Prime Instant Video, Hulu Plus, WatchESPN, YouTube and more, plus over 200,000 movies and TV episodes for rent or purchase from Amazon. You can listen to music with Pandora, iHeartRadio, TuneIn and more. Plus, you’ll soon be able to listen to your music collection from Amazon MP3. It’s designed to disappear – Fire TV is less than 3/4 of an inch thick and comes with a
remote that connects via Bluetooth. It has a powerful quad-core processor with 3X the processing power, plus 2X the memory, for exceptional speed and fluidity. It delivers stunning 1080p HD video and immersive Dolby Digital Plus surround sound. And it offers seamless integration with Amazon Cloud Drive so you can see all of your photos and personal videos on your big-screen TV. All things considered, Amazon’s Fire TV is an impressive device that delivers a lot of technology for a truly modest price. So if 1,000+ cable channels aren’t enough to satiate your desire for entertainment programming, you may find that the Amazon Fire TV is just what you’ve been looking for all along.
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