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Tom Benford, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief
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WELCOME to the Winter/Spring 2018 Issue! There’s lots of great stuff in this issue that I’m sure you’ll find interesting, entertaining and even educational! For example, we have a nice feature on the historic Strand Theatre in Lakewood and did you know that the most complete dinosaur skeleton ever found was right in Haddonfield, NJ? Then there’s the article on 16 Urban Legends that may keep you awake (or at least give you a chuckle or two), and the crimes of 12 Notorious NJ Women Who Have Murdered are chronicled in our NJ Notorious section. And for the Seniors we have 10 health tips for staying young, and 11 breathing tips for people with COPD. And then there’s a great story on New Jersey Ghost Towns, a great recipe for Hungarian Stuffed Peppers with Rice and a review of Amazon’s amazing Echo device with Alexa. And, for you folks with pets, be sure to read our feature on the Scourge of Sarcoptic Mange to help keep your furry friends healthy and happy. If you’ve ever thought about hammers (and who hasn’t, right?), see this issue’s Man Cave that really hits the nail on the head, and in Car Talk we give you the lowdown on how tap water can ruin your car’s radiator. And speaking of low down, in our Through The Lens section we tell you how to get the low down perspective for your photos and videos and learn how to make a DVD slide show of your photos in our Entertainment Section. And another chapter installment of The Last of the Unicorns novel is in this issue as well. And don’t forget you could win tickets for BlueClaws Baseball Games and other valuable prizes!  All you have to do to win these prizes is to sign up for our mailing list. So, don’t wait any longer. Just click on the blue print above to sign up. Who knows? You may be our next monthly winner!