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 There are many urban legends about the state. Some you may be familiar with, while others are lesser known. They are all at least a little spooky, some fantastical, others based in fact. Though these supernatural tales may be strange, they’re still fun to share. Read on and keep New Jersey’s urban legends alive. Though we’ve all heard of the Jersey Devil, did you know about the Sussex Sea Serpent? The Devil's Tree is located in Bernards Township and is pictured above. Legend says that the tree is cursed and harm will come to anyone who disrespects it. The stories around the tree vary but all center around hangings, from lynchings to suicides. Allegedly, snow does not fall around the tree, or melts instantly upon touching it. The Devil's Tree is currently surrounded by a chain link fence due to vandalism.
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  2. Bloodthirsty Spook Rabbits This legend was first started among hunters in Harmony Township back in 1891. Hunting dogs were getting injured in the fields and the hunters suspected the cause was bloodthirsty rabbits seeking revenge. It turns out the cul- prit was thorn-laced bramble. 3. Sussex Sea Serpent You've all heard of Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster, but what about Hoppie? Hoppie seems to be a friendly sea serpent, but there was widespread panic upon her first sighting in 1894. Jersey's own sea monster is described as being 40 feet long, with the head of a canine and the body of a snake.