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Like a car, your home needs regular maint- enance and occasional tune-ups to stay in tip-top shape. Fortunately, you can complete most of the following tasks yourself by following this season- by-season schedule of indoor and outdoor main- tenance. We’ve provided both SEASONAL and PERIODIC maintenance check lists for you: SEASONAL Spring Home Maintenance In spring, focus on freshening up your home and protecting your property against the season's strong winds and rains. Outdoor Tasks: Clean gutters and downspouts. Inspect roof and chimney for cracks/damage. Touch up peeling or damaged paint. Wash all windows, inside and out. Install screens on windows and doors. Clean outdoor furniture and air out cushions. Service your lawn mower. Fertilize your lawn. Indoor Tasks: Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors when you set clocks forward. If your basement has a sump pump, test it by dumping a large bucket of water into the basin of the sump pump. This should activate the sump pump. If it does not switch on or if it's not pumping water, it may need to be serviced by a profession- al. Also, check for and remove any debris and make sure there are no leaks. Wash and change seasonal bedding. Dust blinds and vacuum curtains throughout your house. Clean kitchen and bathroom cabinets and throw away outdated food, medicine and cosmetics.