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It’s six in the morning. The sun is shining. The birds chirp a hopeful song. You stare in the mirror. Looking at your reflection you wonder where it all went: time, broken promises to your- self, drive, ambition to lead a lucrative lifestyle, motivation to succeed. You get dressed and proceed to embark with your mundane daily routine. All the while there’s a little voice within you that screams at the top of its lungs, “Stop! You’re meant to do awesome things in this world. Stop letting me down!!” You’ve learned how to silence that voice until one day you realize that the voice you’ve been silencing for years is, in fact, right and valid. It’s great that you’ve had this revelation, but now what? How will you create the positive habits for a solid foundation that will guide you to the lifestyle you want?  The lifestyle that the voice inside your heart has always told you that you could have? I’m glad you asked. Join me, Ninja in Heels, and discover your Inner Ninja Attitude. Your Inner Ninja Attitude is your inner voice, the motivation stirring from within, that tells you there’s more to life than just existing; it’s imper- ative that you live. By nature ninjas are stealth. They’re the best of the best. Becoming a ninja doesn’t happen over night. It takes years of training and developing a solid foundation of per- severance, discipline and confidence. Discovering your Inner Ninja Attitude and developing its skills and abilities will enable you to control your reactions and perception when faced with certain situations. Your Inner Ninja Attitude will guide you in designing the necessary building
blocks and marketing steps to turn your goals and dreams to reality. I’ve identified six different types of inner ninja attitudes: leader, communicator, warrior, adven- turer, motivator and analyst. One isn’t better than another, and you’ll find that you identify with traits in all categories. The important concept to under- stand is that there’s one category where you’re more dominant. By understanding your instinctive traits you’ll be able to leverage them to your advantage. Think of it this way, when you exercise and strengthen your core it’s then easier to use your other muscles. That’s what Ninja in Heels assists you in: strengthening your Inner Ninja Attitude. Want to find out what your dominant inner ninja is? Visit for more information.
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