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When they do, nearly 60% of the accidents result in vet bills of $200 or more – many times in the thousands of dollars! As much as we try to keep our pets safe, it’s a good idea to be prepared for the unexpected with ASPCA Pet Health Insurance. You can learn more at Around Your Home… Of the more than 180,000 poisoning cases handled by the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center in 2013, the #1 culprit was human medications. • Household Items Ibuprofen and aspirin Acetamenophen Cold and flu meds Antidepressants Vitamins Lighter fluid Diet pills Anti-cancer drugs Tobacco products Detergents Fabric softener Insecticides Drain cleaners Oven cleaner sprays Disinfectants Bleach Lime scale remover Paint thinners Flea and tick products Rodent bait Mothballs Fly bait Lead Liquid potpouri
• Trouble Areas Doors and windows Balconies Bathtubs and sinks Toilets Washer and dryer Fireplaces • Objects Balls Sharp objects Coins Buttons Batteries Twist ties Rubber bands Cotton swabs Glass Hair pins Jewelry Nylons Paper clips Plastic wrap Yarn or needles and thread Dental floss Electrical cords Wax Socks Towels
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Both cats and dogs can suffer injuries in and around the home.
Did You Know? It costs about $500 on average to treat a pet who ingested a toxic  substance. Serious cases can cost thousands.