Every now and then you come across a product that is so amazing it makes you say “Wow – now that’s really neat!” That was our reaction when we saw the Levitron Levitating Platform recently at someone’s house. It had a 1/43-scale diecast model of a 1953 Corvette rotating in mid-air above it! The Levitron Revolution is a levitating platform that utilizes the principles of magnetic repulsion. The base of the unit contains multiple micro-processor controlled electro magnets, and the levitation hover disc is a static magnet. When the platform is activated and the levitation hover disc is placed above it, the natural repulsion of the magnets cause the disc to hover and rotate over the platform. The Levitron Revolution features EZ Float technology to make levitating your favorite collectibles a snap. The hover disc can float objects up to 13 ounces in mid-air, while white accent LEDs in the base platform spotlight your Corvette model, jewelry, memorabilia or other display pieces. Check out the video below to see the Levitron Revolution in action!
 SOMETHING REALLY UNIQUE FOR DISPLAYING YOUR STUFF (Flash player must be installed to play video)
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NJ LM check THIS out!
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